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简介 英语答案及评分参考  第一部分:听力  1-5 BCACB 6-10 ACABC 11-15 BACAC 16-20 BACAB  听力原文:  Text 1  M: Lucy, would you like to have lunch with me tomorrow?  W: Oh, I?d really love to,




 1-5 BCACB 6-10 ACABC 11-15 BACAC 16-20 BACAB


 Text 1

 M: Lucy, would you like to have lunch with me tomorrow?

 W: Oh, I?d really love to, but I have an appointment with my dentist at 11:30. Thanks for inviting me.

 Text 2

 W: Peter, how is the weather now? Is it still raining?

 M: No, but there?s still lots of clouds. The weatherman said the sun wouldn?t come out until next week.

 Text 3

 M: I?m sorry I was late for class today, Dr. Simpson.

 W: Well, I?ll let it go this time. But you saw it disturbed the rest of the class.

 M: Yes, I realized that. I won?t let it happen again.

 Text 4

 W: Hi, Mike. Listen, I?m coming back this afternoon, and I?ll take a bus from the railway station. So, you don?t need to come and pick me up.

 M: OK, take care, and see you soon.

 Text 5

 M: Jenny, there?s an opening for an assistant manager in our company. You should give it a try.

 W: Thank you George, but I?ve decided to travel a bit before finding another job.

 Text 6

 M: By the way, do you know what time it is?

 W: Well, it?s a quarter to two.

 M: Oh, I?ve got to go.

 W: See Linda in the library?

 M: No. Actually I?m going to meet with Professor Smith at ten past two. You may continue our project discussion with Michael.

 W: All right.

 Text 7

 W: Harry, guess what? I?ve just received an email from Pamela. She and Peter are coming down to see us this weekend.

 M: Oh, that?s good news! We haven?t seen them for ages.

 W: Yeah. The last time we met them was at our wedding three years ago.

 M: Did Pamela mention how long they?ll stay?

 W: About one week.

 M: Great! I can?t wait to show them around our new house.

 W: Me too. We haven?t had any guests since we moved in here. If the weather is fine, we can have a barbecue in the garden.

 M: Good idea. I?ll go to the market tomorrow to buy all the things we?ll need.

 Text 8

 W: Hello, everyone. Welcome to our program. Today, we are fortunate to have a special guest with us. Some of you may have heard of him before. He?s an artist. His works have received many prizes and have been shown in over one hundred exhibitions across the country ? Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, to name just a few. His name is Chris Cucksy. So Chris, tell us a bit about yourself.

 M: Well, I was born in Springfield, Missouri, and grew up in Kansas. I didn?t come from a family with wealth or position, but I did manage to get a master?s degree in fine arts.

 W: When did you first start to make art? And what was the turning point in your life that made you an artist?

 M: I always liked drawing as early as I can remember, so right from then, I knew what I was going to be: an artist.

 W: What is it that always inspires you to create?

 M: Nature is the biggest inspiration. I?m always inspired by things of beauty and harmony.

 Text 9

 M: You must be pretty excited about your trip to Europe, Dorothy. When are you leaving?

 W: In just two weeks, and I am excited. I?ve been looking forward to this training program for a long time. But there are still a few things I need to do before I go.

 M: Like what?

 W: Like renewing my passport and figuring out what to do with my apartment while I?m gone.

 M: You are not going to give it up, are you?

 W: No way! I?ll never find another apartment like it around here. But I don?t like the idea of paying three months for an empty apartment, either. So, I?m looking for someone to take it while I?m away.

 M: Um, let me think. Oh, I know just a person. An old colleague of mine, Jim Thomas. He is coming here to do some research this summer, from June to August.

 W: Well, that?s exactly when I?ll be away!

 M: Tell you what: I?ll be calling Jim late this week anyway, so I?ll mention it to him.

 W: Well, thanks, Bill.

 Text 10

 W: I hope I?ve given you a clear idea of the schedule for your London weekend. And, before I finish, let me just give you some advice which should make your stay more enjoyable. Firstly, please do remember to put on some comfortable shoes. London is a big place, and whatever you do, you?ll find yourself doing quite a lot of walking. So, comfortable shoes are really necessary. And secondly, let me ask you to please look after your money. Keep it safe at all times, and then you will not have any unpleasant accident, which could ruin your whole weekend. You?ll find a copy of your weekend?s schedule in your room. Take a look at it, and make sure you?re clear about everything. Well, that?s all from me for now. Go and leave your luggage in your rooms. I?ll be seeing you here again in fifteen minutes. Goodbye for now!


































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